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guest34_0_0_7 has no parents. It was generated at random.


Image 01

  • Creator: guest34
  • Population: 0
  • Generation: 0
  • Total Fitness: 10
  • No. Votes: 1
  • Avg. Fitness 10
  • Created: 05/19/2019
  • Function:

    abs(numbers('epe') if numbers("yyy") > numbers("yyy") else numbers("xxr") if sqrt(numbers("xxr") if numbers('epe') > numbers("yyy") else numbers("yyy")) > numbers("xxr") else numbers('epe')) if sqrt(numbers("xxr") if numbers("yyy") > numbers("yyy") else numbers('epe')) if numbers("xxr") > numbers("yyy") if numbers("yyy") > numbers("xxr") else numbers('epe') else numbers('epe') > sqrt(numbers("yyy") if numbers('epe') > numbers("xxr") else numbers("yyy")) else numbers("yyy") if numbers("xxr") > numbers("yyy") else numbers('epe')

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guest34_0_0_7 has no children. Either it's in the last generation of its population or it was unsuccessful in the ruthless process of natural selection!