If you're keen to understand more about what's happening under the hood while you're interacting with the populations, or want to do your own research, have a look at the resources below.

Conrad Sandbox


Tinker with Genomes yourself

Interacting with the populations can make it seem as though the mechanism behind generating a form from a genome is a total mystery. This tool helps to both dismiss and reinforce that idea. Here you can manually enter genomes, and even create offspring. However, mapping genes to features is harder than it looks.


Global Genetic Art Population

Learn more about Genetic Algorithms

If you're interested in Genetic Algorithms you can find resources here to read about and develop your own GAs, or further our understanding of how they work, how they relate to natural selection, and how they can help us to generate answers to tough problems.


Global Genetic Art Population

Carry out your own Research

If you're a researcher or just like seeing the raw data, you can download the full population of agents, with all of their votes, genomes, and functions. If